With Conor Benn's rise to the top of British Boxing, Everlast briefed us to create a campaign which told Conor's story, his quest for greatness and the journey that entails. Along with this, it must embody the brand mentality that greatness comes from within. Conor was always the perfect fit to communicate this mentality, greatness in his DNA, after all his Dad once ruled on the world stage. This has opened doors for Conor, yet created so far an unshakable shadow. This film was the start of Conor breaking away from this shadow and writing his own legacy, for the Benn name. 
This piece dropped on fight week of the Conor Benn Vs Chris Eubank event, therefore in a highly saturated market where both fighters, promoters and broadcasters were flooding timelines with content, our challenge was to create something truly cinematic to cut through and make Everlast stand out from the noise. 
Being both a fan of Conor and working with him on a handful of occasions before, I felt very immersed in his story at the get-go. We decided at an early stage that we wanted to create something very cinematic, to cut through against competing content and this developed the concept to create something poetic to drive it forward. This became the perfect catalyst to tell Conor's story, breaking out of his Dad's shadows and writing his own legacy. 
Whether it's on an IFLTV interview or post-fight in the ring - Conor is a wordsmith in his own right. So when writing this poetic script I felt it was important that it came from Conor, it being authentic was essential, therefore I sprinkled in words and phrases that he'd used before and on the day we talked about each line in-depth and the meaning behind it. Conor dissected it, injected passion which took it to another level and owned it. 1 take in a car outside his gym. It was this rawness that made it his.
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