Messi in Barcelona.¬†when an¬†opportunity to shoot the ūüźź comes in, it's definitely one of those pinch yourself/don't fuck this up moments. The genius of the game, playing a game for the¬†genius. the OG queens gambit. A King, in his prime,¬†who could take on any team single-handedly.

We were presented with the opportunity and creative licence to approach working with Leo through an editorial approach, allowing us to deliver a real conceptual piece for his iconic boot launch. Alongside this hero image, we moulded additional stills and videos to ensure the campaign was delivered commercially as well as conceptually. 
These opportunities always feel very surreal experiences. From being briefed in days before, writing decks on the plane and scrambling around downloading duolingo, trying to organise the purchase of a chess board and an armchair your grandfather would be proud of. It's nothing but chaos but somehow all comes together in the end.
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