The Trenches is a Sports Direct Football campaign positioned on this occasion, with a pre-season training theme. This social first campaign dropped NFT style content packs weekly, revealing either a stand-out academy player or a break through performer - alongside their weekly Trenches training plan to provide the consumer with an elite insight - to test themselves alongside the pros.
To build tangible relationships with our network of young aspiring footballers, through a pre-season campaign focused on self-improvement with KPI’s structured around saves and downloads, therefore putting a real emphasis on the worth and value to all individual content.
We worked alongside 6 young footballers, who were championed across the Sports Direct Football socials for a week individually, with their NFT style content bundles available to save and download.
Through insight from working with our partners Rising Ballers on this campaign, we were able to identify a mentality and emotional shift with young aspiring footballers who are going above and beyond to achieve their dreams of making it professional. Organically this is where the Trenches concept came from, we identified a trend of ballers who had come off social media to go and work on their game behind closed doors - training in insolation to improve and surprise both their opponent and their own teammates with MOTM performances. Diving into this mentality structured our campaign narrative, from which we were able to recognise values and ensuring these were met throughout the entire ideation and production process.
Within all extensions of this campaign we installed the Trenches values and approach, for example all photography and drill videos for retail were shot in isolation with the suggestion of training after hours after everyone had left training. These were then packaged up in an NFT style drop which allowed consumers to save and download all content in a bundle to then take out onto the pitch.
• Photographer: Louis Bamford | @louisbamford
• Art Direction: Craig Stronach | @_stronach
• Film Direction: Toby Jones | @tobyjones8
• DOP: Jules Philippi | jules_philippi
• 3D Artwork & Pack Openings: Studio Blup 
• Social Production: Rising Ballers
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