When Nike decided to go B2B with the ELP Flight Ball and Phantom GT, eyes lit up because we knew it unlocked some creative license. A ball designed for true flight and a boot designed for skills and technique. Book a pitch ✅ sunny day ✅ have a kick around ✅ hire a crash matt ✅ sometimes it can be that simple. The GT was inspired from where art and science collides in football to create great moments (roberto carlos’ freekick against France being the perfect example) - this inspired our dynamic actions and free flowing acrobatics.​​​​​​​
To create an extension of the Nike launch through highlighting and translating product technology with a collection of still assets which delivered with dynamism and attitude.
• Photographer: Will Douglas | @iwillphoto
• Digi Assist: Tim Jobling | @timjphoto
• Art Direction: Craig Stronach | @_stronach
• Model: Alex Teniola | @teniolatime
• Model: Leigh Stevens | @_leighjames_
• Model: Francios Antoine  | @francantoine
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