While the nation was getting back to fitness through new year resolutions and short-lived gym sign-ups, the Sports Direct Football consumer was already fit and ready to go. They’d been in The Trenches through the start of the season therefore it was all about maintaining their levels and tuning the finer details to get that lasting advantage. Que: Game Remapped. Inspired from engine mapping to increase performance we took this mentality and implemented it into a series of content which rolled out with an omnichannel approach over Q1, including training tips and nutritional advice, psychological support and product enabling across brands Nike, Adidas and Puma.​​​​​​​
How do we connect and engage with the consumer on a personal level while providing savable and sharable content which they can implement into their game as assistance for self-improvement.
Exploring the concept of remapping, provided us with longevity within the campaign as the consumer can keep developing and improving as a footballer. Our approach was to breakdown and analyse current young ‘break-through’ footballers, who have seen a recent upturn in their game and delivered at the highest level, what sacrifices they made along the way and what tips and tricks gave them a lasting advantage. It was these individual journeys which helped establish our campaign narrative while structuring the needs of an aspiring footballer and subsequently directing what content needs they may have.
Through our approach we worked with WSL and Premier League footballers such as Beth Mead, Ellen White, Libby Smith and Jacob Ramsey - providing an insight into what it takes to perform at the highest level, while still delivering on making the content relatable and native to the consumers needs.
Through an omnichannel approach, it was imperative to us that the content and product offering was accessible to footballers whatever their ability, level or disability. To deliver this to the consumer we structured levels and complexity across all content including Tekk Support - the Sports Direct short form coaching platform. From a commercial perspective, we also showcased availability in all product price points to ensure we could enable consumers to play football while making it affordable.
Giving more impact and variety in our self-improvement content, we teamed up with Jonny Marsh a chef and nutritionist for Premier League footballers along with Dan Abrahams an Elite Sports Psychologist; where we touched on subjects such as dealing with rejection at academy level and the importance of metal resilience on pitch and the impact on your teammates.
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